Vinos de Galicia Top: Galician Red Wine Barrantes

Pulpo a Feira - La mejor tapa para combinar con vino tinto gallego Barrantes

Vinos de Galicia Top: Galician Red Wine Barrantes

In the beautiful region of Galicia, located in northwest Spain, the Galician red wine Barrantes is produced. This wine originates from O Salnés, specifically from the town of Ribadumia, and is known for its quality and its ability to enhance the flavors of traditional Galician dishes such as «pulpo á feira» (Galician-style octopus) and «carne ao caldeiro» (Galician-style meat stew).

One of the prominent producers of this wine is Pazo de Barrantes winery, which also produces the white wine Pazo Barrantes under the Rías Baixas designation of origin (D.O.). Although this wine is known for its white variety, there is also a red version of Barrantes that deserves to be explored.

Barrantes red wine is characterized by its seductive floral, fruity, and balsamic aroma, which captivates the senses from the first encounter with the nose. On the palate, it surprises with its depth, elegance, and freshness, and stands out for its gastronomic versatility, as it pairs well with a wide variety of dishes.

The versatility of Barrantes red wine is due to its ability to harmonize body and subtlety, complexity and exuberance, and even immediate enjoyment and longevity. These qualities make it an excellent choice both for accompanying everyday meals and for pairing with more elaborate and sophisticated dishes.

In conclusion, Galician red wine Barrantes is a vinicultural gem from the region of Galicia that deserves to be discovered and appreciated. Its taste, aroma, and gastronomic versatility make it an ideal wine to enjoy on different occasions. Whether you are tasting traditional Galician dishes or exploring new flavors, Barrantes red wine will surely please wine enthusiasts. Dare to try it and immerse yourself in the vinicultural richness of Galicia!

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Top Recommendation: Pazo Barrantes from Rías Baixas

The new keys of Pazo Barrantes are based on a more careful aging process, with the incorporation of acacia barrels, a later bottling, and a considerably longer bottle aging period. However, this transformation has not been achieved overnight.

It is backed by ten years of research and meticulous work in the 12 hectares of vineyards located in the Salnés Valley, in the heart of the Rías Baixas designation of origin (D.O.). These vines, planted in granite soils with superficial layers of sand, have an average age of 30 years and are distributed in eight different plots that reflect the diverse microclimates of the area. Year after year, the grapes have been gaining in quality.

During its production, Pazo Barrantes is carefully selected, destemmed, and gently pressed. Subsequently, the must is clarified through flotation to ensure greater aromatic purity. After this process, Pazo Barrantes ferments in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 10°C for 60 days.

Despite this, the journey of Pazo Barrantes is far from over, as the wine rests for 2 months on its lees, which contributes to providing it with more body and unctuousness. After this time, the wine is clarified, eliminating the lees.

Next, it is divided into two parts: 15% of Pazo Barrantes is transferred to acacia barrels, while the rest remains in stainless steel tanks. Both parts remain in their respective places for 7 months. After half a year, Pazo Barrantes is reunited, bottled, and spends an additional 16 months in the bottle.

Since 1511, Pazo de Barrantes winery has been recognized for producing wines of great quality.

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